About MX Fencing Club

MX started out in the early 2000's as a partnership run by Alex and Mollie Brentnall. In 2011 it was taken over by Meg and Phil Shepherd-Foster and set up as a community club that specialised in Sabre Fencing. An additional night was added in 2016.



The club is a community club overseen by an elected committee. The AGM is usually held at the beginning of the year where major decisions are approved and a new committee is elected. In addition to the executive, there are also openings for social secretaries, armourers, a publicity officer and age group reps. The club is affiliated to England Fencing and British Fencing.



There are two general training sessions suitable for all experienced fencers aged over 13. Most kit can be lent, free of charge, including electric equipment. The first half hour is usually a coach led warm-up/footwork session followed by either free fencing on the box, and/or coach led scenarios or workshops. It is also possible to book 1-on-1 lessons during club sessions.

Club Fees and Lessons


The club has a tiered membership structure with different benefits to each tier of membership. Full fee details can be found here.


Guest fees are £12.00 per session. Students with a valid NUS card can pay £20.00 for four sessions. Lessons (when available) are £0.50-£0.75 per minute.